1. Homestay

If you are under the age of 18, you must live in a homestay. We have carefully chosen a select group of Australian host families who open up their homes to international students.

We call this “homestay”, and you can be sure that your family will help you settle in and orientate you to local surroundings and cultures while appreciating the need to support your own customs. You’ll meet new people and have plenty of opportunity to practise your conversational English.

A Student Support Officer maintains regular contact with homestay families ensuring additional support is available at all times.

Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology uses the highly regarded Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to locate a suitable ‘home away from home’ for you while you pursue your education in Adelaide. AHN requires Homestay families to provide high quality care for international students. The family home must also meet AHN standards.

Our international Student Coordinator will assist you with questions you might have about your Homestay after you arrive in Adelaide.

You can find out more information about AHN using the AIBT students access.

AGENTS: The AHN agent login has been designed to give each agent full control over their students’ applications for Homestay. Agents are able to add new student applications with ease, while also monitoring the status of all their existing students. AHN is an Australia-wide network so agents have the potential to place students in Homestay all over Australia. For more information please see AIBT agents access.

Would you like to become a host at AHN? If so, please see AIBT hosts access.

2. Student Accommodation

If you are over the age of 18, you have the option to live in a student apartment, homestay or in a rental house, listed below are some options to take into consideration when looking for student accommodation suitable for your needs.

3. Rent

You can search for rental properties using the following links
You can also find other places listed for rent though the internet, newspapers or talking to a real estate agent.

4. Student Apartments

Australian Property Management

Australian Property Management provides a range of fully furnished student accommodation with secure safe and convient housing environments close to the major universities and AIBT.


UniLodge has a variety of living locations within Adelaide including in the city close to AIBT. They house over 900 students with each of the apartments in convenient locations in the CBD and close by.

Uni Share

UniShare provides affordable share house accommodation for students. The properties­ have a community feel with a great support network.


Urban Next is one of the largest providers of student accommodation in Australia. The living spaces are made specifically for students, with a convenient CBD location just a short walk to AIBT and Universities.


More Information about Accommodation