English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


AIBT provides EAP to students enrolled at AIBT and AIHE. EAP courses are available to students preparing to commence in certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, undergraduate and graduate diploma studies.

Location: Adelaide


Course Code


  February, April, July and October

  EAP   083251E



  Up to 52 weeks (10 weeks per term)

  • On Campus
  • Synchronous Distance Delivery

Tuition Fee

Enrolment Fee

Materials & Excursion Fee

  $350 per week

  • $150 (<10 weeks)
  • $300 (≥10 weeks)
  $10 per week

Entry Requirements

  • AIBT Entry Test
Course Structure
Speaking     Participating in discussions, delivery of presentation, making suggestions and giving opinions
Reading       Using note – taking strategies, building vocabulary and text analysis
Writing        Drafting and editing written tasks, researching, and essay / report writing
Listening     Using note–taking strategies, summarizing and questioning

Apply for Admission

AIBT has a range of courses and qualifications and the application process can differ depending whether you are a domestic or international student, whether unemployed or working, a school student or graduate. If you are unsure how to apply then please get in touch at: info@aibt.edu.au, call 8212 0990 or message our AIBT facebook page.
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